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Colors of Christmas

The New Coloring Book of Nikolett Delafraye

Get in the holiday spirit with the new coloring book "Colors of Christmas"! Celebrate the magic of the season with a collection of festive illustrations that capture the warmth, wonder, and joy of Christmas.


This book is a magical journey through the pages of Christmas, showcasing gingerbread houses, cookies, candies, treats, snow globes, rocking horses, decorations, trees and more. Each illustration is a beautiful masterpiece that is waiting to be brought to life with your own personal touch.

What makes this book even more special is that you have the opportunity to add your own imagination by incorporating your own favorite elements of the season. This can be a fun activity to do with your family, you can decide to color together and discuss your favorite Christmas memories, or add your own Christmas ornaments to the drawings and create a personalized Christmas decoration.

The illustrations are also perfect for various mediums such as markers, gel pens, coloring pencils, pastels and crayons.


With this book, I wish you all a very merry Christmas, peace, and love. So let's dive into the wonder and magic of Christmas and start coloring together today!"

Informations about this coloring book

Perfect for both adults and children, this book is the perfect way to celebrate the magic of the season. Filled with 32 hand-drawn illustrations, each one printed on high-quality, pure white paper, this book is a treasure trove of festive patterns, scenes, and characters that will spark your imagination and creativity.


The illustrations are suitable for various mediums such as markers, gel pens, coloring pencils, and more, giving you the freedom to experiment with different techniques and styles.

Not only that, the cover of the book is also a coloring page, allowing you to fully personalize your coloring book. At the end of the book, you will find a test page to experiment with different colors or to save your palette for future reference.


These beautiful, handmade drawings are printed on A4 paper size (21 x 29,7 cm - 8.27 x 11.7 inch) and bound together with care to ensure that no pages will fall off. This coloring book is perfect for relaxing, unwinding and escaping into a world of imagination.


In conclusion, "Colors of Christmas" is the perfect addition to your coloring collection, with 32 illustrations printed on high-quality paper, and bound together with care. With the ability to personalize the cover and test different color combinations, it's the perfect tool for relaxation and the perfect way to celebrate the magic of Christmas.


The best part? "Colors of Christmas" is as well available exclusively on as a digital download, making it the perfect choice for coloring on-the-go using your mobile device such as an iPad. No need to wait for shipping, you can start coloring as soon as you purchase the book.


Get your copy now and start coloring!"

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