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Colors of Treasures

The New Coloring Book of Nikolett Delafraye

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of "Colors of Treasures," the eagerly awaited fourth installment in the exquisite coloring book series by artist, Nikolett Delafraye.


This enchanting book is a treasure trove of imagination, with 36 meticulously hand-drawn illustrations that celebrate the allure of treasures, from mythical dragons to mischievous trolls, ethereal fairies to ancient wonders - there's a world within for everyone to explore.

This book is a treasure hunt. It captures the essence of treasures, whether they be the secret jewels of moon animals and legends, the divine love of gods, the resplendent gem empire of trolls, the delicate grace of crystal fairies, the majestic allure of diamond dragons, or the precious pearls of nymphs - each illustration is a unique gem waiting for you to infuse it with your colors.


"Colors of Treasures" is a collaboration, a symphony of creativity where Nikolett draws the lines, and you, dear coloring friend, breathe life into these exquisite treasures with your colors.


Grab your copy now and make every page an artistic masterpiece with your unique colors. Each stroke of your creativity adds to the magic of this book, making it a cherished part of your personal treasure chest. Order your copy and let your colors bring these treasures to life! 


Information about "Colors of Treasures" coloring book

"Colors of Treasures" coloring book is a treasure trove of 36 hand-drawn illustrations, each one printed on high-quality paper. We have done extensive research to find the best paper.


Each page is carefully designed to stand alone, ensuring that your coloring journey remains a joyous experience without any worries of colors bleeding through. This thoughtful approach makes it the perfect canvas for a wide range of coloring mediums, including markers, alcohol markers*, gel pens, felt tips, coloring pencils, pastels, paint and crayons.

*Alcohol-based markers, may bleed through paper because the ink is more fluid and less viscous than the ink used in traditional pens or pencils. They are less dense and more easily absorbed by the fibers of the paper. You can also place a piece of paper or a blotter under your working paper to absorb the ink and prevent it from bleeding through to the other side. All illustrations are printed single sided.


These beautiful, handmade drawings are printed sign-sided on A4 paper size (297x210mm, 11.69x8.27 inches) and bound together with glue and stitches to ensure that no pages will fall off. This coloring book is perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and escaping into a world of imagination.


In conclusion

"Colors of Treasures" is the perfect addition to your coloring collection, with 36 illustrations printed on high-quality paper, and bound together with care. If you've already delighted in owning Nikolett's "Colors of Daydreams," "Colors of Autumn," or "Colors of Christmas," prepare to embrace a new source of joy with this latest addition. "Colors of Treasures" is a timeless coloring book that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.


Get ready for year-round coloring bliss! Get your copy now and start coloring!

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