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Watercolor Pencils: A simple way to color your coloring page background.

Are you a fan of coloring books and want to take your coloring game up a notch? Look no further than watercolor pencils! In this simple tutorial, I'll be showing you how to use watercolor pencils to create a stunning background for your coloring page. For this short tutorial I will be coloring the mermaid page from my coloring book: "Colors of Daydreams". Let's dive in!

tutorial watercolor pencils how to simply color your coloring book page background
Coloring the Mermaid page from "Colors of Daydreams"

Why using watercolor pencils?

Many people have asked me for suggestions on how to color the background of a coloring page. I understand that it can be challenging at times, which is why I've created this quick tutorial. Using watercolor pencils to create a stunning background is surprisingly easy, and I'm excited to show you just how simple it can be.

Watercolor pencils are a fantastic medium that offers a unique blend of the control of a pencil and the fluidity of watercolors. With watercolor pencils, it's effortless to create stunning backgrounds for coloring pages or artworks. They allow you to sketch and color with precision and then blend the colors seamlessly with water to create a watercolor effect. The process is simple and requires only a few steps, making it easy for even beginners to use.

Find more information about color pencils here.

A simple way to color your page background.

Let me unveil to you the series of simple steps to create a beautiful background on your coloring page using watercolor pencils:

Step 1: Choose Your Materials

First, gather all the necessary materials. You will need watercolor pencils, a coloring book or paper, a water brush, a cup of water and a rag or tissue to clean any spill. To create a stunning background, I've got my hands on some regular watercolor pencils. I've picked out a brand that I bought in Denmark, and also got my hands on a set from "Nebulous Stars" that comes with a fantastic traveling brush. You can use any brand of your choosing.

Step 2: Select Your Colors

Pick out the colors you want to use and arrange them in the order you plan to use them. Remember, you can always blend colors together to create new shades. For the first part of the background I have selected different shad of blues, purple, pink, and light green.

Select your colors - watercolor pencils
Watercolors and Brush Pen

Step 3: Sketch Out Your Colors On The Page

Lightly sketch out your design with your first color pencil. First things first, I start off with a light blue color and let my imagination run wild. No need for perfection or being meticulous at this stage. Keep in mind that watercolor pencils will become more vibrant once water is applied, so start with lighter colors.

sketching out my color through the page

I'm just sketching out the colors as I intend to blend them together with water later on. I work my way through the background with different shades of turquoise, purple, pink, and light green, giving it a lovely depth and dimension.

Step 4: Blend The Colors With A Brush And Water

Use the paint brush to apply water to the areas you have applied your colors. Start with a light layer of water and gradually add more as needed. Be careful not to apply too much water, as it can cause the paper to warp or the colors to bleed.

Watercolor pencil - Blending colors on the page
Blending colors on the page with a wet brush.

Now, let me tell you about this brush! It's a gem! With the "travel brush", I can easily blend the colors together, while ensuring that the brush always has some water at its tip, just enough, not too much water. This brush makes blending much faster and smoother for me than regular paint brushes. I go back and forth, blending all the colors to create a cohesive and harmonious background.

Watercolor Pencil Technique - Brush

If you wish to infuse more hues into the coloring page, proceed with caution as the water present on the page has the potential to smudge the pigments. Therefore, it is recommended to handle the area with care or pre-dry it before applying additional colors.

Step 5: Let It Dry

Allow your artwork to dry completely before moving on to the next section or adding additional layers of watercolor. You can use a hair dryer to speed the process.

After the paper dries, the colors are "fixed" onto the surface, creating a solid foundation for subsequent layers. This means that when adding watercolor pencils on top, the first layer won't be disturbed by water, allowing for the creation of beautiful layered effects. With the ability to build up layers of color, the possibilities for stunning color combinations and artistic effects are endless.

Next up, I work on coloring the bottom of the sea. I use shades of brown, green, red, pink, and a hint of orange. I don't worry too much about being precise or staying within the lines. I let the colors flow and blend together as I gently spread them around with the brush.

Watercolor technique - Coloring book for adult

Watercolor technique - Coloring book for adult - Application of a watercolor pencil on the page.
Application of a watercolor pencil on the page.

Step 6: Add Details

Voila! You can now see the finished background, light and airy, ready for the vibrant mermaid to come alive! You can now add some more details with watercolor pencils or regular color pencils.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of the paper in this coloring book. I made sure to find high-quality paper that can withstand any medium, and boy was it worth it! The watercolor pencils blend seamlessly on the paper without bleeding through or damaging it. The end result is a stunning watercolor effect that complements the illustration perfectly.

Watercolor Pencils: A simple way to color your coloring page background
Colors of Daydreams | Coloring Book

I'm over the moon with how it turned out! This was my first attempt at using watercolor pencils for an entire coloring page, and I couldn't be more thrilled. The effect is just breathtaking! I'm now hooked on using watercolor pencils, and you should be too!

Video of the full coloring process.

I've recorded the entire process, so make sure to check out the video and let me know what you think. Happy coloring, folks!

Love, Nikolett


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