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Coloring contest "Colors of Treasures" winners

Coloring contest colors of treasures by nikolett delafraye

Here comes the time that you've all been waiting for. But before announcing the winners, please let me tell you all did such wonderful coloring. What stood out to me the most is how the same picture can bring out different emotions and vibes. Picking winners was tough because they all looked so beautiful. Every time a new drawing was submitted, I felt so thrilled and joyful to see fresh colors, moods, and choices. A big thanks to everyone who took part.

Majestic Masterpiece Award

winner for Colors of treasures coloring contest

Nicole´s coloring is the winner of the Majestic Masterpiece award. She used a very rich color palette, a wide range of colors and blended them in a way that it is really pleasant for the eye to look at each item, each part of the entire page. The blending of the different colors flow so harmoniously, it feels like dancing in the rainbow in a dream. My favorite colors are the one of the dragon and the dragonfly, and I love the way the pearl shell with the perfume glass are colored too.Very beautiful coloring in such a short period of time. Thank you Nicole.

Vibrant Visionary Award

Vibrant Visionary Award for the coloring contest of nikolett delafraye colors of treasures coloring book

Tepintodecolores colored page is the winner of the Vibrant Visionary award. Despite using a short color panel for the entire page, green color pallet for the background and purple colors palette for the details she succeeded to create a very impacting colored page. These two color tone really complement each other and created an amazing vibrant picture that is so alive. On top of it, she used glitter to further mesmerize the viewer and its just so gorgeous. Very impressive.

"Fan Favorite" Award

Monique Ludekes page is the winner of the Fans favorite award. She received the most likes on social media. Absolutely gorgeous coloring, I really love the way she colored the crystals and the dragon fly, and the rest of the page harmonies with the same color palette. And the dragon pop out as the main character with a different color, but still fitting into the entire color range of the rest of the page. I really like this page too.

Children award

As you have seen we have received several entires from children between the age of 3 to 7. I was so happy to see the eagerly colored pages, Knowing that a child’s work cannot compete with an adults coloring I had to reward them separately as otherwise it would have been unfair towards them. So we chose a winner between the kids as well. The winner between the children is Amelie. She Especially paid attention to stay within the lines, and I really like how she used several colors on the dragon fly and the hanging gem stone and the crystals on top.

For closing I want to express my admiration to all of your beautiful colored pages you presented. I love the coloring community. I feel we have such a big support to each other and love for the art and creativity, its uplifting and really has a healing power to the mind and to the soul. So I truly appreciate each single art piece from each of you from around the world. I would like to mention some highlights in the submissions, like Florence Flos Color, she created an entire treasure island with under sea world and with sky. Absolutely stunning. I love the way Zaphra colouring made the dragon, the sparkles Susan Mertineit created on the page, the purple dragon by Ivy colours, the colors of the dragon and the crystals by Zafra Van Der Haven, how all the gems and crystals pop out by Rachelle Moore, the dragonfly by Anja Rubeck, the enchanting color palette Lily Salazar used on the page and the mesmerizing colorful dragon fly, the turquoise toned background that Sabrina Rezende used which framed the entire page so beautifully and made all the other colors pop out, the clouds background by Michelle Berens, the silver color palette used by crone art studio with the added glitter, the vibrant alive colors used by cutiecats, especially the blending of those vivid colors are very sophisticated, beautiful really, the signature color palette of Ashley Harding that is really like a firework of colors. And I think I have mentioned most of you and so you can see the difficult task we had with these beautiful pages.

Congratulations for the winners one more time and I hope to see many many more colored illustrations from this new coloring book full of treasures in the near future. Nikolett

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Aug 27, 2023

What a great ranking 🌸 many thanks for your complimen, comment and kindness. 🙏 congrats to the other colourists who got a lovely comment ad well. Dear kids, thanks especially for your pics, it’s wonder to see colouring is still a hobby for the youngsters ⭐️🌺✏️👍

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