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"Colors of Autumn" Coloring Contest Winners

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Thank you all for participating in our coloring contest for the release of my latest coloring book for adults and children "Colors of Autumn".

It was so nice to see your colored pages, the colors, the imaginations, each picture had a totally different story to tell. So, it was really hard to choose a winner, really, really hard.

So here they are, the winners of this contest:

Colors of Autumn coloring book  - winner colored cover
Colors of Autumn coloring book contest winner

The best colored page winner is @wonderblings A very nice job. You have transformed this autumn page into a very magical world. I love it.

Colors of Autumn coloring book contest social winner
Colors of Autumn coloring book contest social winner

The social media winner is @ashleyscoloringjourney with 135 hearts. A beautiful colorful page that deserved it. The colors are well balanced and this beautiful parchment background just completes it all.

Colors of Autumn coloring book contest honorable mention
Colors of Autumn coloring book contest honourable mention

What can I say, @grumpy_stitcher really deserved to get on Honorable Mention. What a beautiful page, the colors, the contrast, absolutely lovely! Very well done.

Colors of Autumn coloring book contest

I have to mentioned and congratulate @val.and.the7colors for her 233 hearts! Very well done. Very well done. I couldn't give you the social media winner's spot due to rules, but big applause from all of us!

I want to thank you all for participating, really I like all the coloring. Don't feel sad if I didn't select you, you did an absolutely remarkable artistic work. I am amazed at how creative you all are. Every day has been a pleasure to discover your creativity and it has made me so proud to be with you. It's like a deep connection. I hope you enjoyed coloring my pages. Thanks again.

We sent a message to the winners to receive the free copy of the coloring book "Colors of Autumn"

We wish you all an excellent month of November filled with colorful adventures!

With love,



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