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Colors of Daydreams - Coloring Contest Winners

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We present to you the winners of the coloring contest on the occasion of the release of my coloring book "Colors of Daydreams":

Coloring contest - colors of daydreams

I was so happy to see the creation of every participent to this first coloring contes. You all have done an amazing coloring. What strikes me the most is how the same illustration can have different feeling, different mood. It was very hard for me to select the winner as all of them were so beautiful. Every time a new entry was coming in I was so excited and filled with happiness to see a new color creation, new mood, new color palette, so thank you very much for every one of you who participated.

Best Coloring Cover - Winner

coloring book cover colors of daydreams - coloring contest winner

Liliane S. - MYUKI.ART is the winner of this contest. This entry is so beautiful and dreamy, I love the background, the texture, the application of colors and blending, I really felt like "Colors of Daydreams". Liliane used Ecoline liquid watercolors, water based markers, Faber Castell colored pencils, gel pens and white Posca. Congratulation to you Liliane and thank you for your participation!

Coloring Cover Social Winner

coloring book colors of daydreams - social media winner

Hélène B. is our "social media winner". This is a very beautiful coloring! You received the most likes on Facebook! The clouds really make this image stick out! I love what you have done with this page! so congratulation to you Hélène.

Honourable Mention

The selection for the first place winner was very hard because of so many beautiful entries and so I want to award four particular colorings for their absolutely beautiful work.

colors of daydreams coloring book cover

Entry from Šárka S. ( done with Guang Hui colored pencils and Neocolor. Great details and beautiful blending of colors. Its strong and powerful, a pleasure to look at.

colors of daydreams coloring book cover

June M. you can see how she did it here. Lovely colors and beautiful blending. June created a really nice harmony on this page!

colors of daydreams coloring book cover

Lili J.'s entry. A very beautiful creation, I really love the harmony of colors used and the texture of the background. It is so pleasant to look at.

colors of daydreams coloring book cover

Ashley H.'s entry. WOW! This is a very rich coloring that deserved an Honourable Mention! You can find more of Ashley's work here.

All Contest Entries

Congratulation to everyone who participated in this first contest. Your works of art was very much appreciated and loved. All entries can be viewed on our Facebook goup

I am pleased to let you all know that I am starting a new contest and you are all very welcome to participate.

Love, Nikolett


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